May 6, 2019
On Sunday 5th May 2019 our Club visited the Lake GoldSmith Steam Rally (Near Beaufort VIC). This is an annual event with an extensive exhibition of every kind of Steam engine, tractor and steam powered device imaginable, taking you back to the early 1900's and earlier.

Old shacks, shops and cottages show how the pioneers lived and the many gypsy caravans, some still in use or renovated, others delapidated but all take you back in time. It is such a significant place - 100 Acres of Man Cave Sheds full of projects, all running on steam engines and old diesel. This event is keeping our history alive and palpable.

The most significant experience was how these machines and systems ran the world, slower yes, but remarkably efficient and practical.
The Classic Cars were great and worth the effort. Very happy days.  Highly recommend this event to anyone as an annual event to visit. Pete.