November 16, 2019

A Hand Built 5/8 Scale 1925 Sunbeam Tiger replica from Tasmania - a tibute to the Land Speed Record Holding " 1925 Sunbeam Tiger ", when on March 16th, 1926 on the flat sands of Southport Beach, the world record was broken at 152.33 MPH / 243.73KPH. The power plant had an unusual engine 3,876 cc V12. The chassis and bodywork of the Sunbeam were conventional for racing cars of their time.

The car's novelty lay with its engine. Sunbeam's 1925 Grand Prix engine had been a successful 2-litre straight-6 twin-overhead-cam. This car was to use a pair of the same block and head arrangements, mated to a single 75° vee crankcase to produce a 3,976 cc V12. Supercharging brought the power up to 306 hp (228 kW).

See Link: The Landspeed Record: Speed Machines (Engineering History Documentary) | Timelin | Youtube.

Story by Graham Snell (S&TCC Member)